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How it Works

A pool of local workers, many of them experienced classroom assistants, youth leaders or City Hall employees have been put through Covid-19 training. Their hours can be booked exactly in line with each family’s needs. We suggest each family identify a small number of workers they are happy with and prioritize them for all bookings.
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Booking Childcare

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Once you have been approved, log-in to this portal anytime you want to book childcare. Enter the type of care you need and confirm the address. We will show you how many eligible workers are currently available to come to your home each hour. Click and drag to choose the hours you need.
We then show all the workers available for those hours. Any that you have used before can be prioritized. Or the ones you kids’ most liked on previous bookings will come top. Click on any photo for more details of the person and their vetting.
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Click the ADD button for the worker(s) you want for this booking. Then input some reporting instructions: (Who should the worker report to? Who do they call if there’s a problem? Can they park nearby?)


The system then tracks the bookings for you. Each available worker is given a time by which they must confirm. That’s set so there’s plenty of time to resolve any issues if they don’t.


As they confirm, a timesheet is created. They and you can approve this individually. Or, the worker can use EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) on their phone to prove their attendance. Those times are then used in the timesheet.

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You can rate workers according to your kids’ view of them. Those ratings aren’t published anywhere, they’re just a personal way of making sure popular workers come to the top for your family’s requirements.


You can authorize multiple family members or friends to book care for your kids on your account. If your family has special needs we can identify a small pool of workers who are ready as required.

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